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Could you please have Azardi accept an (optional) filename as a commandline parameter. That way, I can associate ePub files with Azardi and open them by double-clicking the ePub file. Thanks!

Richard Pipe

Sorry about the delay in replies. I have really good excuses!

That's that tricky Windows programming stuff (said the Linux user). I will have the developers take a look at this. I would love this option myself.


I think I have Azardi installed correctly. No erors shown. It came up with the help details displayed and re-displayed with the F1. But I can't get it to read any epub files. There is no Library directory except a Library zipped file which I then unzip. I move in some epub files but Azardi's Library button is not showing any of these ebooks. Btw I use Vista Home Premium. Can help?


Well, I found the problem when I managed to find and open the config file. The location of the library directory as indicated in the Help is c://Azardi/library is kind of misleading because of the double slash. I took it to mean part of the program location. Anyway, no problem now.

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