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Where can i find the apple epub recommendations?

Richard Pipe

Steini, I got my copy from a contact at one of the big six. I am have requested clearance from him to see if I can post it or if there is another link. I don't want to fall foul of the Apple "Cease and Desist team".


no news on the recommendations?

Liz Castro

Still no word on the recommendations? I sure would love to see them and find it incredibly strange that Apple has published them, but secretly.


Marshall Vandegrift

"To prevent text from being clipped by the bounds of the content area, insert soft hyphens into long words and especially into linked text and headings."

Does this work in ADE? Last time I tried (several months ago) ADE always rendered them. Ah, fun times.

Richard Pipe

I just did a few quick tests with and ADE actually broke at the soft hyphen position. Unfortunately it didn't insert the hyphen character so it looks really strange. I will have my test case ready early next week.

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